Thanks For The New Moon

What can be more grateful than having a full moon, especially when a night feels like a month or maybe thousand months. Yes It is when Ramadhan month.

Today is a day when finally i can write. I am feeling like there are so many stories that i must tell before the moon fades. I will start at before the moon changed.

Before The Moon Changed (to Ramadhan)

Starting from the time before the moon changed, I traveled back to home in Jakarta. At least to see my family faces and then need to get back to Bandung again after couple days. I was having busy days in Bandung and it was like a must to stay here. But the girl who took care of me, mother, really wanted to meet me really bad.

“I didnt really have so many need-feelings on them and probably the otherwise”
Too bad, I did have that thought a moment.

Before went to Jakarta, I met and chatted with people that should be busy with me in the future. We talked things and made sure that we didnt left any Bandung’s responsibility behind. I told them that I will dissapear for couple days and they were okay with that, but somehow I wasnt.

I used a car-travel, got front seat, and left Bandung at 6 pm. It was a normal day, the weather, the traffic, the other people in the car, everything was fine. I spent the voyage with thinking what I can do in Jakarta, because probably it will be so boring, with seeing the road.

“The new moon will ever be the same as the old moon”
Too bad, I did have that thought a moment.

The driver was an old man and I could say that he got big balls in driving. I, sitted beside the driver, really felt the adrenaline. The trip was fine until we reached Karawang. The old-big balls-driver suddenly turned into a sloth. He was often sleepy and it became a problem. Sometimes he slept away when there was a traffic. We were always honked since then.

I decided to close my eyes because seeing his driving made me uncomfortable. Someone behind me always yelled to the driver to stop a while and offered him a help by replacing him as a driver. But the driver always rejected it.

“Welcoming The New Moon (Ramadhan) happily will prevent you for feeling the hellfire”
Too bad, I didnt really get serious about it.

With my eyes closed, I could only see by feeling. I felt that the car was getting faster and faster. And by feeling too, I felt that the car was not slowing down even after a long time. This was weird, I said. I opened my eyes and IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, the driver was overslept and there was a car 2 meters in front of us. “SIR, WATCH OUT!”, the driver woke up and breaked the car in the sudden. No, we didnt crash. But that was three seconds moment between life and death. I was shocked and so did all other passengers.

“Did I just saved?

“Mother, did you really want to meet me so bad so we can talk before one of us get called by the Creator?”

“Father, do you already proud of me if should die now?”

“Brothers and Sisters, will you forgive my mistakes if I would disappear forever?”

“Was I given a chance to feel the Ramadhan this year? If it is so, how I should respond?”

I spent the rest of the trip thinking that. I didnt think any Bandung things, instead I only thought my family.

Seeing the death in front of your eyes is the best way to make you think how already good your life is. To be honest, I was really scared. I was scared because I felt that I didnt do many good deeds yet.

Arrived at home and hugged everyone in the house was relieving my feeling. I also thanked to Allah SWT for giving me a chance. Since that, I tried my best to do many good deeds alone or with my family. Also I didnt forget to prepare myself for welcoming Ramadhan month with reading Quran.

Two nights of New Moon (Ramadhan) was spent in Jakarta. I was really happy that I could welcome it with many good things. Of course it was because of Allah SWT who showed me the right path through that close-death. I felt the importance of my family and somehow it made me happy if i could spend time with them.

The second day, I decided to get back to Bandung again for having a class. I was sad, but it was my obligation as a student. Although experiencing Ramadhan at Bandung is no less interesting.

InsyaAllah and hopefully the rest of the moon is also can that good or maybe much better.


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