This Year’s Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah, I was granted full 29 days of Ramadhan this year and did all the fasting and almost the Sunnah. I could say I am very pleased with this year’s Ramadhan.

There are a lot of things happened and there are also a lot of new things that I experienced for the first time. Ramadhan consistently proves to be the busiest time of the year, and for good reason.

The First Week of Ramadhan

My first week was spent in two different cities. I remembered the first two days, I did the fasting with my family in Jakarta. It had been a tradition to start the fasting with the family. InsyaAllah I will do it every year without exception. I may be really busy but I shouldn’t forget my family

After spent time with the family, I must go to Bandung. I took a short semester program for the Mata Kuliah Manajemen Konstruksi Bangunan Laut or Management Construction of Marine Structure so I could have a little bit free time in the sixth semester. Now I did the fast only with my friends – people on the campus, in the mosque, and around my homestay.



Thanks For The New Moon

What can be more grateful than having a full moon, especially when a night feels like a month or maybe thousand months. Yes It is when Ramadhan month.

Today is a day when finally i can write. I am feeling like there are so many stories that i must tell before the moon fades. I will start at before the moon changed.

Before The Moon Changed (to Ramadhan)

Starting from the time before the moon changed, I traveled back to home in Jakarta. At least to see my family faces and then need to get back to Bandung again after couple days. I was having busy days in Bandung and it was like a must to stay here. But the girl who took care of me, mother, really wanted to meet me really bad.

“I didnt really have so many need-feelings on them and probably the otherwise”
Too bad, I did have that thought a moment.

Before went to Jakarta, I met and chatted with people that should be busy with me in the future. We talked things and made sure that we didnt left any Bandung’s responsibility behind. I told them that I will dissapear for couple days and they were okay with that, but somehow I wasnt.

I used a car-travel, got front seat, and left Bandung at 6 pm. It was a normal day, the weather, the traffic, the other people in the car, everything was fine. I spent the voyage with thinking what I can do in Jakarta, because probably it will be so boring, with seeing the road.

“The new moon will ever be the same as the old moon”
Too bad, I did have that thought a moment.

The driver was an old man and I could say that he got big balls in driving. I, sitted beside the driver, really felt the adrenaline. The trip was fine until we reached Karawang. The old-big balls-driver suddenly turned into a sloth. He was often sleepy and it became a problem. Sometimes he slept away when there was a traffic. We were always honked since then.

I decided to close my eyes because seeing his driving made me uncomfortable. Someone behind me always yelled to the driver to stop a while and offered him a help by replacing him as a driver. But the driver always rejected it.

“Welcoming The New Moon (Ramadhan) happily will prevent you for feeling the hellfire”
Too bad, I didnt really get serious about it.

With my eyes closed, I could only see by feeling. I felt that the car was getting faster and faster. And by feeling too, I felt that the car was not slowing down even after a long time. This was weird, I said. I opened my eyes and IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, the driver was overslept and there was a car 2 meters in front of us. “SIR, WATCH OUT!”, the driver woke up and breaked the car in the sudden. No, we didnt crash. But that was three seconds moment between life and death. I was shocked and so did all other passengers.

“Did I just saved?

“Mother, did you really want to meet me so bad so we can talk before one of us get called by the Creator?”

“Father, do you already proud of me if should die now?”

“Brothers and Sisters, will you forgive my mistakes if I would disappear forever?”

“Was I given a chance to feel the Ramadhan this year? If it is so, how I should respond?”

I spent the rest of the trip thinking that. I didnt think any Bandung things, instead I only thought my family.

Seeing the death in front of your eyes is the best way to make you think how already good your life is. To be honest, I was really scared. I was scared because I felt that I didnt do many good deeds yet.

Arrived at home and hugged everyone in the house was relieving my feeling. I also thanked to Allah SWT for giving me a chance. Since that, I tried my best to do many good deeds alone or with my family. Also I didnt forget to prepare myself for welcoming Ramadhan month with reading Quran.

Two nights of New Moon (Ramadhan) was spent in Jakarta. I was really happy that I could welcome it with many good things. Of course it was because of Allah SWT who showed me the right path through that close-death. I felt the importance of my family and somehow it made me happy if i could spend time with them.

The second day, I decided to get back to Bandung again for having a class. I was sad, but it was my obligation as a student. Although experiencing Ramadhan at Bandung is no less interesting.

InsyaAllah and hopefully the rest of the moon is also can that good or maybe much better.


Yogyakarta Journey. Final Ch.

A non-special day, Really not special. We would back to Bandung on this day and I thought this was not enough. I still wanted to explore Jogja and tasted more hidden food. But the conditions didnt really support me. I didnt have much money left and my friend which also as our travel guide , Hilmi, had something else to do. So I would be alone and moneyless if I stay there.

Day 4

It was still 8 in the morning and we didnt have many plans today, eventhough we must be on the train station at 3 PM. We started the day with playing cards in the main hall of the house. After 1 game of “Warewolf”, we ended it. Next we packed up our belonging and ready to leave the house.

We were searching a restaurant until suddenly my friend reminded the others that we had not been in Malioboro. Well, guess who have a place to be visited now. So we traveled to Malioboro. Dont laugh at me, but in fact, it was my first time visiting and knowing Malioboro. For me the street was not really that good but still i quite enjoyed the vibe.

As a Batik wear fan, I entered a Batik Shop, probably the biggest one in there maybe. There were a lot of Batik collection which were so cool and fancy. Started from the Blanko or Cap until Kebaya or blouse. I fell in love with one of the batik shirt. The batik was created by hand or known as Batik Tulis or Written Batik. This kind of batik has a really high price. If only i had a big amount of money, probably I am already wearing it now.

I ended my ease in Jogja, It was 3 PM already. We drived to the station. We leaved Jogja and waited 8 hours while the train was moving. Then there was no such things to be told anymore.

Miss you Jogja.

…the end…

Yogyakarta Journey. Ch 4 : Jogja’s Beach

This story is specially written for my Indonesia Oceanography Lecturer, Dr.rer.nat. Mutiara Rachmat Putri.

Day 3, It was supposed to be our holiday peak. Because we were going to visit special beaches in Jogja. We were so exciteeeed!! but..

We woke up quite late this time, maybe because yesterday was really exhausting. Today we were being lazy, sleeping and watching tv while had a snack and etc. We ended our sloth-alike when noon came. We prepared all things mentally and physically. Btw we used white clothing as dresscode, I didnt know who start this smartupid idea. Then we leaved the house and ready for the adventureee!

Day 3

We started the journey with eating in Waroeng SS or Waroeng Spesial Sambel or Special Sauce Restaurant. We ordered variations of food and sauce. They were delicious and spicy. This might be the hottest food I had ever taste when I was in Jogja.  We didnt spend much time there, only half hour and then we leaved. Next we went to our main destination; Wediombo Beach.

We used an alternative route so we can see the sea from the roads. The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the sea was be like “Oh it must be short wave! Where is the Seas area? Oh I can see the Swell! Oh it must be the Surf area where the h/H is more than 0,78 and the wave will break!”. I was quite proud that finally my knowledge from the lectures can be used in reality.

After 3 hours trip, Finally we arrived at Wediombo Beach. In truth, it can be reached for 2 hours, but because of the alternative route it prolonged the trip. To reach the beach, we need to walk down through the stairs. Eventhough it was quite exhausting, everything became positive again when finally we could see the beach from close distance. MasyaAllah the beach was so beautiful. Most of south beach have so many rocks and corals, so no wonder that Wediombo Beach was not that smooth. Besides of many corals, there were also many of people. We didnt like the crowd, It made us not free to play. So we just walked along the beach while enjoying the scenery.

In the middle of our walking, Suddenly one of my friend said that there is actually a very good beach which is beside Wediombo Beach. He said that we could reach it with just walking. Then we agreed to go there, maybe it was better to have a little walk again to reach the more beautiful beach.

Furthermore, We walked inside the brushes and went out with very different atmosphere. It was like in Narnia or typical magical story. We entered into brushes and went out to very wide rice fields. We walked cross the field and kept going east. Also we didnt forget to have a pose for photos. The terrain wasnt easy to go through, some of us had troubles with walking in here. Step by step, eventually we could hear the wave sound. Ah I was so happy and couldnt wait to see the beach.

All struggles was paid off after we saw the white-sandy beach. It was much much more amazing than Wediombo Beach. This beach is called Jungwok Beach. There were less people and rocks. I looked to the right and left and still not believed what i saw.

Jungwok beach has own special thing. There was a unique small island which was called Jungwok Island. I guess the island was created by vulcanic eurption’s rock. That island broke the wave so the north side of the beach had a smaller surf wave. Where the south side had a very big surf wave. If only i could do the surfing, probably I were already enjoying that big wave. Anw The weather was also perfect; It was warm and shiny.

So for the first hour, I spent the time to swim with Rais. Since the wave was on tide and too big, so we didnt swim too far. Meanwhile my other friends enjoyed the beach with sitting and sunbathing under the trees.

For the next hours, we decided to have a creative photo sessions. eh I meant the boys. Yeah we were the boys had stupid ideas of poses. We set the shutter speed faster and ulala! we had a bunch of cool photos.

Afterwards, we eated Mi Goreng or fried noodle in local stall. Eating together along the beach with the unlimited wind and wave and white-sandy beach were just great. Its been a quite long time I never feel this peaceful feeling. Probably it was one of the best decision I’ve made that moment because I almost felt that “Life is starting to get away from me”. So maybe I could say…

“I travel is not because i want to run away from life but because I dont want life run away from me.”

The time showed nearly 6 pm. We didnt want to miss the chance of seeing sunset, so we went back to Wediombo Beach because we couldnt see the sunset from here.

We were happy to be together here in the beach when the sun was sink. That moment was also the last thing we did in the third day before we went back to the house and sleep.

…last day story will be in chapter 4

Yogyakarta Journey. Ch 3

Ocean Engineer. Well this type of engineering must love fluid or water. Why? Because that is a what we are calculating and approaching. And our field will always meet fluid (expect you decide to work on bank).

To love fluid much more, we need to love play water as much as posibble. So whenever we go to holiday, we should go to river, estuary, lake, beach, sea, and island. Like what we did in our journey to Jogja!

Second Day

Second time wake up was different. We all had a very happy feeling, probably because we had spent a day together and was so good. We took a breakfast with “Pecel” because we would go to a very far place. The Pecel in Jogja was special, The huge serving combination of vegetables with peanute sauce plus fried duck egg made a rich taste. Yummy!

In this day,  We visited Kulon Progo to feel the experience of swimming in Sungai Mudal or Mudal River. It took a very long time ride but the scenery was just so good, so I didnt feel bored at all.

We finally stepped our foot in Mudal River at 11 AM. The location was on foothills. We needed to walk a little bit again if we use a car. From the its name, I thought it is a plain river, like a normal river that i used to see in Jakarta and Bandung. But in reality, it was different! The river was unique. From my view, It was most likely waterfalls with many pools. We walked across and cross the river through wood path and bridges. We stopped at big gazebo in uphill and prepared to feel the water.

The water in here was green (or maybe blue, I wasnt quite sure). The deepest pool had 2 meters depth. We really enjoyed playing around and since it was midday, there were no many visitors.

We ended up our journey in Mudal River with eating in small restaurant nearby. As a Jakarta and Bandung people, I DIDNT REALLY FAMILIAR WITH THESE PRICES. In here all foods and drinks were cheap, even the ice cream. I was really confused how they could get a profit from selling like that.

After Mudal River, we traveled to Waduk Sermo or Sermo Reservoir. This Reservoir splits Ngrancah river with average 20 meters depth. There was nothing so special here. We only spent less than 1 hour here with riding a boat. Although we were lucky enough to see the beauty of the sunset here.

The sky was going dark,  we leaved from there and headed to Jogja town. Because of our greeds to food, we felt hungry already haha. We closed the journey of second day with eating mushrooms in
Jejamuran. A big and famous restaurant for mushrooms culinary in Jogja. The place was very nice and cozy. The menus were also diverse. And then again, I DIDNT REALLY FAMILIAR WITH THESE PRICES! It was too cheap for me, should i feel good or bad? I dont know.

We finished the journey and ended up sleeping like a buffalo because what else is good after eating except sleeping.

…dont forget to check chapter 4

Yogyakarta Journey. Ch 2

We were looking for food and good places to play around. And we already knew where we would go.

First Day

Before arriving to our house. Actually we went to a food stall, or Angkringan as it is called in local. It was 3 am in the morning. Jogja was not really cold like what i thought. It was mild instead, which is great.  The Angkringan that we were headed was Kopi Joss Angkringan. It’s located in main street of Jogja; Lempuyangan Street. You guys should check the menu because it was so unique. *Spoiler* There was a special drink which the coffe was mixed with hot charcoal.

We didnt have much time to relax in the house. So after a short break, we directly drived the car to a Bantul Area. There was a famous type of food; Sata Klatak or Klatak Satay. Instead of using wood, this satay uses iron bars. We choosed Pak Pong Sate Klatak and it was so delicious and yummy! really recommended.

Then after fullfilling our stomach, we went higher to Kebun Buah Mangunan or Mangunan Fruit Garden. We expected to see many fruits since the name is fruit garden. But in the reality there was no fruit at all (or maybe i didnt see it). Eventhough we couldnt see any fruits around but there was interesting spot which had a magnificient view of Bantul. Well we just couldnt miss the chance, so we spent for 2 hours just for taking many pictures as we could.

It was 4 pm, We planned to go back to the house but then we discovered another cool place; Hutan Pinus Imogiri or Imogiri Pine Forest. We used to see this kind of place in Bandung (Tahura), but this was much cooler, eventhough it was still in development. There were many tree houses and big logs to sit and relax. In fact, based on google, there was a theater which was made by logs. But poorly we didnt go there.

Then we backed home in latenoon. We all were tired so we ended this first day journey.

…See you in chapter 3

Yogyakarta Journey. Ch 1

After spending 3 weeks for the final exams, and for our 2017 summer vacations, my college friends and I went to Yogyakarta or Jogja. We went there from 18th – 23rd May 2017.

Yogyakarta or Jogja is a very special place for Indonesia because it has very interesting story and important role in Indonesia history. It has old towns from Dutch Colonial, Keraton Kingdom, and many local stories. Jogja government is leaded by a Sultan or we can say Kesultanan Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat.

Yogyakarta is one of province from 35 total in Indonesia. Located under Central Java Province. It has mountains, hills, and south coastal beach.

But too bad, I had never go there in 19 years of my life in Indonesia. That’s why I was so excited to travel to Jogja. Eventhough it was not really big journey. I couldnt wait to see Jogja’s people, culture, architecture, foods, and beaches.

We started the Journey by using Train to reach Jogja. It spent almost 8 hours. It was quite exhausting but totally worth it. We continued to take a rest in a house that had been booked by my friend. Our house was located in Pugeran Timur, not so far from the city center. It was simply perfect.

Anyway, We were 16 people in total and rented 3 cars to easily discover ing around.

… continue to chapter 2

Rancabuaya Beach. Ch 4

This story is specially written to my Indonesia Oceanography Lecturer

Fried Fish

The sky was getting brighter. The sunray was getting hotter too. We ended the play and packed all the things back. Since the beginning, we already planned to go back before noon to avoid the traffic. But our stomach gave a sound of hunger. We started the driving and searched a restaurant market, because Surya said it is much cheaper and fresher to eat in restaurant market around the beach. We stopped in the medium cottage not far from the first place; Wa Jabrig Putra Restaurant . There were no any visitor at that moment. We asked for the fried fish, squid and Kangkung. Twenty minutes of waiting and an hour eating and chatting, we got satisfied. It was exactly like what Surya said; cheap and delicious. Yum!

Coming Back Ganesha

After tried the beach’s culinary, we directly went home. I kept awake along the road. The scene was different like what I saw when coming here. It was so dark and empty but now there were many lives. Students just finished their school, people did the trades and etc. Hence, it was more challenging because of the crowd.

Five hours driving, finally we arrived at the Ganesha. It was exhausting but the experience really amazing. I rarely do a long vacation like this, especially with my friends. I guess, I am addicted with travelling, and the beach, and Indonesia.

This line finishes my story, I hope You really enjoy the story and inspired to explore more the beauty of Indonesia. See ya in the next posts!

… the end …

Rancabuaya Beach. Ch 3

This story is specially written to my Indonesia Oceanography Lecturer

The Ships

In the early morning, life in the Rancabuaya Beach started to come alive. The Womans went outside and cleaned their houses and prepared their things. Since mostly they are housewife, no wonder you would smell something delicious in the morning. While the mens are fishermans, You couldnt find them aroudn, I guess because they were still on the sea.

Panorama in Rancabuaya beach, with the short wave hits the beach, was so lovely. The scene of ships docked along the beach shore added mild feeling. Most of the ships were same, those were called Perahu Jukung or Jukung Ship. With the blue=yellow color and some cool quotes like “Mantap”,”Rezeki” and etc, the ships  were lined up.

Waiting Them Coming

When I enjoyed the beauty of the beach, I saw something from the distance. It was a ship and coming closer. Finally the mens, that had been waited by anyone here, had arrived. Directly I prepared my camera to capture the moment.

They simply docked the ship and brought what they got from the sea. I can clearly sea the fish that they got was not really many nor big. Even some of the fishes were in half condition. I didnt see the worthy between their hardwork and the result. I felt bad for them. But they showed in different way. They still felt grateful in any condition. Well, the beauty of the beach panorama didnt really picture the beauty of the people’s life there.

… continue to chapter 4

Rancabuaya Beach. Ch 2

This story is specially written to my Indonesia Oceanography Lecturer

Rancabuaya Beach

Before had a plan to go here, i did some researches about south side of West Java. Actually there are couple of beaches, but the internet says Garut has the best beaches. In Garut alone there are 8 most famous beaches ; Santolo Beach, Geder Mountain Beach, Manalusu Park Beach, Cicalobak Beach, Puncak Guha Beach, Karang Paranje Beach, and Rancabuaya Beach.

We choosed Rancabuaya because we wanted to see fisherman’s daily life directly. Eventhough there was so many activities, the beach was relatively clean. It also had small wave so You can play around in the beach without worried of drowning.

Morning Life

Finally the sun arrived at the mountain side. The lights started to fill the horizon. People went out and had a little walk. Getting warmed up in the beach was so fascinating.

Now, I managed to see the beach clearly. It was beautiful, the sand had a white-cream-brown gradient color and the sea had a green-blue-darkblue gradient color. MasyaAllah it was so wonderful! I took several pictures and experienced to walk along the beach. But then I just realized I was still wearing shoes, hence I went again to the car.

Poorly I didnt bring any sandals, but luckily there was a shop around. There was an old man sitting in front of the shop. I greeted him and he greeted me back. I bought the sandals for only Rp 15.000, I guess it was a normal price. After got my sandals, I tried to have a conversation with him. Well surprised! he had very interesting story. He told me that he had been in Rancabuaya since eight years ago, before the beach got famous. He was quite sad because Garut Government didnt take the chance to develop the beach seriously. However, he is already pleasured with his current condition.

Sparkling Water

Sandals were ready, my body was ready, without doubt I run to the water. The water was warm and clear, didnt like what I thought. There were plenty of rocks and little corals, You need to be careful here because it was slippy. I couldnt find any fish nor sea weeds. There was ecosystem though. It was group of white crabs. They digged a hole to survive from the beach wave. It’s great to see and feel the “beach things” after a long time never go to the beach.

… continue to chapter 3